16 Apr 2021, 13:20
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    Milou Dirkx is Journalism Network Manager at Clean Energy Wire. She is the first point of contact for the members of the CLEW Journalism Network, and develops events and other opportunities for climate and energy reporters to engage.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting daily life and work across the globe. An important consequence is that many events that were supposed to take place in the upcoming months are either cancelled or postponed. Events that give journalists the opportunity to learn, to share and to connect. But even in these difficult times, there are plenty of opportunities.We at the Clean Energy Wire are collecting all the online webinars, gatherings, meetings and conferences we can find that cover the energy transition, climate policy, journalistic insights and other interesting topics. Find the list below - and let us know if any events are missing.

[Updated with webinars from C2ES, ITIF, Reuters]

If you know of any interesting events or opportunities that we have not yet included, please share! You can find the CLEW Network on twitter or e-mail Milou Dirkx, our Journalism Network Manager via milou.dirkx@cleanenergywire.org.

 All times are according to European summertime.



20/04, 10.00 CET

Webinar - Climate Change Litigation and Liability Risks in Adaptation Activities & Finance

Organiser: United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)

The Forgotten Climate-related Financial Risk: The Role of Climate Litigation in Adaptation and Adaptation Finance is a high level briefing paper that will explore the legal implications of adaptation (or a lack thereof) to climate change-related impacts. By reference to existing cases and the likely future direction of litigation, it will show how climate litigation can act as both a driver and consequence of adaptation or maladaptation.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

20/04, 12.30 CET

Webinar - The potential of Solar & Storage in Sub-Saharan Africa

Organiser: SolarPower Europe

In this upcoming Solar Storage in Africa Webinar, SolarPower Europe in collaboration with GET.invest, a European programme supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria, will explore the current state of play of the solar & storage business case in Sub-Saharan Africa, including the competitiveness vis-à-vis conventional energy resources and the related policy framework, and to discuss the barriers that pose a challenge to its deployment.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

20/04, 16.00 CET

Web event - Uniting the world to tackle climate change – UK, U.S. & EU on the road to COP26

Organiser: Clean Energy Wire

The United Kingdom is set to host what many see as the most important global climate summit (COP26) since the deal over the landmark Paris Agreement was struck in 2015. This year’s UN climate change conference on 1-12 November in Glasgow – possibly held as an online or hybrid event due to the coronavirus pandemic – is the first major milestone for efforts by the global community to limit global temperature rise to well below 2°C, preferably 1.5°C – the central goal of the Paris accord. As host of COP26, the UK plays a special part in uniting the world to ring in a key decade for global climate action. New U.S. president Joe Biden, meanwhile, is coming back to the global climate table at full force, convening a Leaders’ Climate Summit on Earth Day, 22 April.

The climate summit comes on the heels of the world experiencing the devastating coronavirus pandemic and is also the first COP since the UK left the European Union. The bloc aims to be a global climate pioneer itself and is in the midst of implementing its sustainable growth strategy known as the European Green Deal. 

How will the UK government fill its role as global climate leader in cooperation with other European nations and the United States? Two days before the global summit organised by the new U.S. administration in April, Clean Energy Wire invites officials from the UK COP presidency and the Biden administration to lay out their plans for the final months leading up to COP26 in Glasgow. The event, to be attended by journalists only, aims to unpack the latest debates and deals in international climate diplomacy on the road to COP26.

You can find more information and register via this link.

20/04, 19.00 CET

Webinar - Low Carbon Business: How climate ambition leads to job creation, economic growth

Organiser: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

13.00 ET

With the Biden administration set to host world leaders this month for the Leaders’ Summit on Climate, the signal sent by American actions as a partner, leader, and advocate present an invaluable opportunity for greater global ambition. As U.S. leaders prepare to announce a bold NDC, the most aggressive targets can only be met through support and collaboration between government and the private sector. Achieving an ambitious 2030 target in line with the ultimate aim of net-zero emissions by 2050 requires an all-in effort by all sectors of the U.S. economy, and the cooperation and support of a wide range of stakeholders will be needed. Ahead of the April 22–23 summit, C2ES will host a discussion with leading U.S. companies with ambitious climate targets and an emissions modeling expert on how government and private sector collaboration can drive investments in climate solutions across the global economy to facilitate the net zero transition, accelerate economic growth, create jobs, and address equity issues.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

20/04, 20.00 CET

Webinar - Reducing solar project risk for extreme weather

Organiser: pv magazine

Large format solar modules are a major trend, but not all are created equally, and can be a cause of great concern for project developers looking to have the most proven and tested hardware out in the field. The rise of large format modules also comes at a time when developers and project owners are more conscious than ever of the extreme weather events that can compromise their assets. From hurricanes to earthquakes, fires and hail, each region and each project brings its own set of unique challenges. However, with challenge comes innovation, and today’s leading manufacturers are producing equipment up for any challenge the weather can throw at it. By learning about the manufacturing and testing processes, as well as how these products have and continue to operate in the field, project owners and developers can have the utmost confidence in their hardware choices. This pv magazine Webinar will discuss how rigorously tested modules and correctly engineered system designs create a major opportunity for U.S. utility-scale developers to lower project risk and LCOE.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

21/04, 00.00 CET

Webinar - Hydrogen Now to 2030: Opportunities and Limits in a Circular Carbon Economy

Organiser: Columbia University

18.00 ET (on 20/04)

This webinar will explore key findings from new reports, “Blue Hydrogen: Production and Use” and “Green Hydrogen in a Circular Carbon Economy: Opportunities and Limits.” The reports touch on production, transportation, and use of zero-carbon hydrogen, how and where there are opportunities to catalytic early action and investment, and what’s needed to put the world on a useful path to maximizing the value of a critical carbon-free fuel. This event will bring together experts in technology, policy, and finance to discuss how hydrogen can rapidly provide commercial energy services across key sectors including power, transportation, industry, and buildings.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

21/04, 15.00 CET

Webinar - Decarbonising the Polish power sector: Net Zero pathways and security of supply

Organiser: Aurora Energy Research

European climate policy is pushing for deep decarbonisation. Poland currently not only lacks a strategy for achieving this, it also remains the only member state not yet fully committed to reaching Net Zero by 2050. The dramatic transformation of the Polish power sector that will unfold over  the coming decade requires an understanding of which investments are resilient in a Net Zero world. This webinar will present highlights of the first detailed study on the impact of Net Zero on the Polish power sector, recently presented to Aurora’s Polish subscriber group.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

21/04, 15.00 CET

Webinar - Hydrogen in a Global Context

Organiser: International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)

Session attendees will come away with insights into:
· Japan’s hydrogen strategy and both the opportunities and challenges for developing a hydrogen market from a hydrogen importer perspective.
· Saudi Aramco’s hydrogen plans and ambitions domestically and internationally from a hydrogen exporter perspective.
· Opportunities and challenges for developing hydrogen markets in Europe as well as the GCC.
· Opportunities for GCC-Europe and GCC-Asia cooperation in hydrogen.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

21/04, 15.00 CET

Webinar - Hard to measure: how can we improve monitoring of methane emissions?

Organiser: Florence School of Regulation (FSR)

The European Commission’s EU strategy to reduce methane emissions published on 14 October 2020 defines as a primary objective “[ensuring] that companies apply considerably more accurate measurement and reporting methodologies for methane emissions, across sectors, than it is currently the case.”

Such an approach is expected to lead to a better understanding of the problem and to guide subsequent mitigation measures. The mandatory measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) for all energy-related methane emissions, based on the voluntary will be one of the main elements of the legislative package expected in Q4 of 2021, with the enactment in 2023.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

21/04, 19.00 CET

Webinar - The Future of State-owned Oil & Gas Companies in Latin America

Organiser: Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy

Latin America’s state-owned oil and gas sector is facing unprecedented challenges caused by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting collapse in commodity prices and crude oil demand, as well as related financial and political pressures. These conditions, in addition to persistent administrative challenges and long-term debt liabilities, have caused Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) production to drop to the lowest levels per citizen since the 1920s in Venezuela, which has the world’s largest proven crude reserves. Political upheaval has also impacted Petroecuador, Pemex, and YPF, although the latter has announced plans to invest $1.5 billion to ramp up the output of shale gas field Vaca Muerta.

The latest decision by President Jair Bolsonaro to replace Petrobras CEO Roberto Castello Branco with a former army general with little experience in the oil industry harkens back to Brazil's history of political meddling in fuel pricing. Colombia’s Ecopetrol stands out as a bright spot in the region. Among the reforms enacted over the last decade was the listing of 11% of the company’s shares, which provided an infusion of capital that helped the company enlist better managers. To boost reserves, it has teamed up with international oil majors to invest in fracking and in upstream activities in other countries.

Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy together with the Columbia Global Centers will host a panel of exceptional policy experts to analyze the different economic, political, and social dynamics at play in the main oil and gas producing countries in Latin America.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

21-23/04 and


Webinar - Berliner ENERGIETAGE (in German)

Organiser: EUMB Pöschk GmbH & Co. KG

The event is entering its second completely digital round and includes topics around the energy transition and climate protection. Over a total of six days, you can deepen your knowledge in over 300 presentations, discuss controversial topics in over 100 individual events or network with the largest energy transition community in the DACH region.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

22/04, 11.00 CET

Webinar - Energy Transition In the Public Sector

Organiser: Eupportunity

During the last four years, the BundleUP project (aka Ponto Energia) aimed to create a best practice, at the Portuguese level, by implementing a pipeline of energy-efficiency based investments, with emphases in the public sector, through the bundling of small to medium-sized projects, providing them with the dimension needed for investment-readiness and investor interest. To achieve this goal we harmonized procurement documentation of energy efficiency and explored new types of funding for energy efficiency.

In this event we will share with a European wide audience the project implementation process, our final conclusions and its legacy expectations, transferable to other European

You can find more information here and register via this link.

22/04, 15.00 CET

Webinar - Reuters Newsmaker with Achim Steiner

Organiser: Reuters

Join for a Reuters Newsmaker on Earth Day 2021, featuring Achim Steiner, administrator of the United Nations Development Programme and former executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

 Axel Threlfall, Reuters editor-at-large and Katy Daigle, Reuters climate change editor, will lead a wide-ranging discussion with Steiner on the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its threat to human development, peace and security from the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. Audience Q&A will follow.

You can find more information and register via this link.

29/04, 10.00 CET

Webinar - Blue economy: the potential of our oceans to contribute to a green recovery

Organiser: EURACTIV

The ocean represents a big, untapped potential. But how do we make sure that economic activities in our seas are sustainable? How can innovation contribute to a sustainable ocean development? How to encourage the development of skills and knowledge related to specific needs of the Blue Economy sector? What regulatory and financial measures should the EU take to boost investments in the Blue Economy?

You can find more information here and register via this link.


Webinar - How climate security risks shape international cooperation

Organiser: Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

What do we know about the link between climate security risks and conflict? How are these risks perceived and governed by states and multilateral institutions?

While 2020 and 2016 have been the hottest years on record, the world has also seen an increase in armed conflicts. This free seminar gathers researchers from the Mistra Geopolitics research programme to discuss new evidence on what we know about the link between climate change and conflict and how risks are perceived and governed by states and multilateral institutions.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

29/04, 19.00 CET

Webinar - The power sector infrastructure challenge: What will it take to get to net-zero?

Organiser: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

13.00 ET

As the U.S. moves toward economy-wide decarbonization, a 100 percent clean power sector will play a vital role in largely electrifying other sectors, including transportation, buildings and industry. Join C2ES for a webinar, where they will discuss their new “Closer Look” report that examines how the power sector must transform to fill this role, including the necessary, rapid deployment of infrastructure to support a range of electric vehicle use cases, and enable both centralized and distributed low- and zero-carbon resources as well as energy storage in its many forms. This webinar will provide an overview of the report and an opportunity to hear from companies that are developing the strategies and technologies to address these issues to create a zero-carbon, resilient, and affordable power system.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

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