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  • 14 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 9: Technical talks approach end/ Germany Fossil of the Day

    14 Nov 2017 Technical negotiations at COP23 in Bonn are approaching the final stage; it's important that they will be open to amendments throughout 2018, says German negotiator / Ministers arriving in Bonn will focus on finance, loss and damage / ...
  • 07 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 2: Conference agenda accepted / More ambition needed

    07 Nov 2017 (All day) Conference off to a reassuring start, final agenda passed / Developing nations want to talk about pre2020 climate action by industrialised states / German companies call for a coal exit path and climate friendly regulation / Emission ...
  • 18 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 12: Germany positive on results from Bonn

    18 Nov 2017 (All day) Bonn had delivered what was necessary to be on schedule for the decisions needed at COP24 in Katowice, the Germany delegation said / Negotiations finished in the early hours of 18 November / Last contentious issues still debated ...
  • 16 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 11: Germany ratifies Doha / Canada, UK march ahead on coal

    16 Nov 2017 Germany ratifies Doha without joint EU move / “If the talks continue this way, we will reach our negotiation targets” – German negotiator / UK and Canada march ahead on coal exit, NGOs criticise Germany / “Move away from fossils if you want ...
  • 15 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 10: Merkel disappoints hopes for clear words on coal

    15 Nov 2017 German Chancellor calls on world to walk the talk, fails to deliver strong statement on German coal / Representatives from science, climate and environmental NGOs, and vulnerable small island states appealed to Merkel to meet the country’s ...
  • 13 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 8: German climate responsibility/ Protest against US event

    13 Nov 2017 (All day) Chancellor Angela Merkel calls on developed nations to advance technology and make investments to combat climate change / Protesters interrupt US event on "cleaner fossil fuels" / Peruvian farmer effected by climate change ...
  • 10 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 5: Progress in tough talks

    10 Nov 2017 (All day) Tough talks- but not yet reason to worry / EU remains steadfast on pre-2020 action and inflexible on Adaptation Fund / "No jobs on a dead planet"- trade unions / Climate-smart agriculture / Effects of climate change in ...
  • 09 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 4: EU CO2 market deal signal for Bonn / Climate Risk Index

    09 Nov 2017 German state secretary for environment says ETS reform shows EU can work together on climate policy / Negotiators progress on technical details of Paris rulebook / COP president Fiji was world's third most climate-impacted country in 2016 ...
  • 08 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 3: US should be kept on board / "Time to stop digging"

    08 Nov 2017 Talks in Bonn as technical as expected but also “unexcited, friendly and positive”, says German negotiator / Developing countries call for voluntary reporting / US should remain part of COPs / German taxpayers are financing the climate crisis- ...
  • 06 Nov 2017 |

    COP23- Day 1: More German money for adaptation fund

    06 Nov 2017 (All day) Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said vulnerable countries must be put centre-stage and kicked off the conference with a pledge to raise Germany's contribution to the climate change adaptation fund by 50 million euros. ...
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