Is Germany the laboratory for the energy transformation of the 21st century?

Target Audience: Energy and climate journalists working with online and non-traditional media
14 Mar - 16 Mar 2016
Berlin & Brandenburg
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Is Germany on the right track to reinvent its energy system? The three-day workshop will allow participants to take a deep-dive into Germany's ambitious Energiewende. The programme is designed to meet the special interests of energy and climate journalists working for non-traditional media such as online magazines or blogs.

The programme will, inter alia, include a visit to the lignite-mining region southeast of Berlin, a visit to the mobility innovation centre at the EUREF campus, company visits and briefings on a broad range of issues including Germany's climate policy, grid issues, power storage, transport policy and backup capacity.

The Clean Energy Wire - CLEW workshop will take place on the two days preceding the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2016 (BETD). The BETD is a major international forum of policy-makers to discuss the  challenges of decarbonising the energy sector. The first meeting of that kind after the Paris Climate Conference, the two-day high-level BETD meeting will bring together foreign, energy and environment ministers from around the world – representing “the willing and the able” frontrunner states of decarbonisation.

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