Justin is CLEW ambassador for the United States, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the Managing Editor for Energy Monitor and formerly a Contributing Writer for Greentech Media. Justin became an ambassador of CLEW Journalism Network because the energy transition is one of the world's most important stories and international collaboration will be key to reporting that story.


Some recent links:

- "US policymakers pave the way for carbon removal" Energy Monitor (December 22, 2021) https://www.energymonitor.ai/tech/carbon-removal/us-policymakers-pave-the-way-for-carbon-removal

- "Opinion: LNG exports are backfiring on the US oil and gas industry" Energy Monitor (October 12, 2021) https://www.energymonitor.ai/analysis/opinion-lng-exports-are-backfiring-on-the-us-oil-and-gas-industry

- "US states partner up to grow the offshore wind industry" Energy Monitor (September 16, 2021) https://www.energymonitor.ai/tech/renewables/us-states-partner-up-to-grow-the-offshore-wind-industry

- "Can the US’s offshore oil and gas hub pivot to wind energy?" Energy Monitor (December 8, 2020) https://www.energymonitor.ai/policy/just-transition/can-the-uss-offshore-oil-and-gas-hub-pivot-to-wind-energy

Journalism for the energy transition

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