CLEW Calendar - Energy & Climate Policy Events

Last update: 3 December 2021

Upcoming events

6-10 December: Target week for "traffic light coalition" parties to form a new German government.

8 December: Euractive panel debate: EU taxonomy for sustainable activities – Should nuclear energy be left out?, ONLINE.

14 December: European Commission presents further climate & energy legislation.

Looking further ahead...

31 December: Three (Grohnde, Gundremmingen C, Brokdorf) out of six remaining nuclear reactors in Germany are shut down.

Online events on climate change/energy/journalism

Clean Energy Wire is maintaining a list of online events and webinars related to climate change, energy and journalism, which we will update regularly. You can find the list here. For more EU events, see What’s next in Europe? – Timeline of European climate and energy policy.

Journalism for the energy transition

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