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Last update: 17 May 2019

Upcoming events

20 May: Europe votes: press briefing on top issue climate protection, organised by European Climate Foundation, BERLIN.

20-22 May:Berliner Energietage 2019 “Energiewende in Germany”, with environment minister Schulze, BERLIN.

21 May: Climate action as an innovation driver for the economy, conference by German environment ministry, BERLIN.

21 May: Press briefing on storage and sector coupling, by German Association of Local Utilities (VKU), BERLIN.

21 May: Brown to Green Forum - Managing the phase out of coal – perspectives from Germany, the UK and other G20 countries, BERLIN.

21 May: Digitalisation: climate killer or climate saviour?, Borderstep Impact Forum, BERLIN.

22 May: Effective prices on CO2, conference by CO2 Abgabe e.V., BERLIN.

22 - 23 May: International Conference on Climate Action – ICCA2019, HEIDELBERG.

23 May: Does climate protection make neccessary a paradigm shift in industrial policy?, lunch event by Wuppertal Institute, BERLIN.

23 - 25 May: Green Tech Festival and Leaders Conference, BERLIN.

23 - 26 May: European elections in Germany.

24 May: German Norwegian Zero Emission Forum, BERLIN.

24 May: Fridays for Future - Global Climate Strike ahead of EU elections.

26 May: Regional elections in the state of Bremen.

28 May: Press talk BDEW-German Association of Energy and Water Industries, How can grids cope with e-mobility breakthrough?, BERLIN.

29 May: Second meeting of Chancellor Merkel's climate cabinet, BERLIN.


Looking further ahead...

4 June: Berlin Climate and Security Conference, by German foreign office, BERLIN.

5-6 June: Congress of the German utility association BDEW, BERLIN.

12 June: German Renewables Summit 2019, by Aurora Energy Research, BERLIN.

17 July: Meeting of Chancellor Merkel's climate cabinet, BERLIN.

1 September: Regional elections in the state of Brandenburg.

1 September: Regional elections in the state of Saxony.

23 September: UN 2019 Climate Summit, NEW YORK.

24 October: Regional elections in the state of Thuringia.

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