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Last update: 8 November 2019

Upcoming events

11 November: Launch of the World Nuclear Waste Report - Focus Europe, Böll Foundation, BERLIN.

12 November: German Engineering Association, Expert Forum on emissions trading, "From climate action plan to law", DÜSSELDORF.

12 November: Parliamentary evening of the German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF), BERLIN.

13 November: Conference of Germany's environment ministers, HAMBURG.

13 November: German Association of Local Utilities (VKU), Grid Forum 2019, BERLIN.

13 November: International Energy Agency (IEA), launch World Energy Outlook 2019, PARIS.

13 November: Agora Energiewende, Conference "How to make Southeastern Europe climate-neutral?", BRUSSELS.

14 November: Briefing on COP25 by German Climate Consortium (DKK),  German Federal Foreing Office, Federal Ministry for the Environment, BERLIN.

14 November: Agora Energiewende, Conference "From coal to clean energy", BRUSSELS.

14 November: Presentation 2019 report "The Lancet Countdown" on connections between public health and climate change, BERLIN.

19 - 21 November: German Geothermal Association (BVG), German Geothermal Congress 2019, MUNICH.

20 November: Association of German Offshore Wind Farm Operators (BWO) / British Embassy Germany, "The Role of Offshore Wind in the Shift to a Hydrogen Economy", BERLIN.

21 November: Forum New Energy World, BERLIN.

22 - 23 November: National party conference of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), LEIPZIG.

Looking further ahead...

25 - 26 November: Dena energy transition conference, with finance minister Olaf Scholz, BERLIN.

26 November: Agora Energiewende: The future of Germany's energy intensive industry, BERLIN.

29 November: Fridays for Future Global Action Day.

30 November: SPD presents second ballot results for party leadership.

2 - 13 December: UN Climate Change Conference (COP25), CHILE.

6 - 8 December: National party convention by Social Democratic Party (SPD), BERLIN (tbc).


20 - 21 January: Sustainable mobility conference: Future fuels, BERLIN.

20 - 22 January: Handelsblatt Energy Summit, with climate scientist Friederike Otto, E.ON CEO Johannes Teyssen, e.GO Mobile CEO Günther Schuh, BERLIN.

26 -27 February: VDE Tec Summit, BERLIN.

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