About the CLEW Journalism Network

The CLEW Journalism Network brings together journalists covering the energy transition from across the globe. The gradual shift towards renewable energies away from fossil fuels offers a plethora of stories, which cannot be explored from any one region or country alone. It's a global process. Context and contacts matter. This is why the guiding principle of the CLEW Journalism Network is: Cross-beat and cross-border perspectives lead to better energy transition journalism.


What you get as a member

Through the online network, as well as through research tours and other events in Germany and beyond, journalists have the chance to connect with colleagues. As part of CLEW Journalism Network, you will be able to:

  • Exchange ideas and expertise, find reporting buddies for border-crossing energy transition stories, learn and discuss what strong journalism on this complex, major story looks like.
  • Reach out to our ambassadors and the full list of CLEW Journalism Network members.
  • Be notified ahead of others about new CLEW research tours, events and opportunities.
  • Choose as much visibility in the network as you see fit: it is your choice if you want to be found on our CLEW Journalism Network map, or if you prefer your information shared only in a contact list exclusively available to network members.
  • Join the Facebook Group for discussions, and share advice on global energy transition journalism within the community.

Who can join

  • Professional journalists actively working in the media with an interest in reporting on the energy transition and climate policy. The network is one run by journalists, for journalists. We at Clean Energy Wire want to make sure it remains a professional community built on trust and cooperation. Based on information provided in the membership registration form, non-journalists will not be admitted to the network.
  • The netiquette sets out the rules for respectful communication within the network. By joining the network, you agree to respect them. If a problem or any misconduct is brought to our attention, we will address it; this may lead to exclusion from the network. Should you experience any offence from within the community, do get in touch with us via:

The network

CLEW Ambassadors

Ambassadors are volunteer CLEW representatives in their respective countries or regions. Their representation goes two ways: Members of the CLEW Journalism Network can contact ambassadors to get local know-how on all things energy transition. The ambassadors also help the Clean Energy Wire team in Berlin to understand the needs and interests of journalists where they are. We currently have 17 volunteer representatives


The blog brings together reports and reflections on and from within the CLEW Journalism Network:

  • Tips and lessons learned around what strong energy transition journalism could look like
  • Reports from CLEW events and opportunities
  • An exchange of expertise between CLEW Journalism Network members, ambassadors, and beyond

Facebook Group

The CLEW Journalism Network’s Facebook Group helps our members to discuss with and update each other on anything of interest around energy transition journalism. It is an additional service to connect - join here.

The latest from the network

Find the latest from the CLEW Journalism Network here and a map with the members and ambassadors here.

Journalism for the energy transition

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