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    Milou Dirkx is Journalism Network Manager at Clean Energy Wire. She is the first point of contact for the members of the CLEW Journalism Network, and develops events and other opportunities for climate and energy reporters to engage.

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22/05, 15.00 CET

Webinar - Unlocking Finance for Climate-Vulnerable Nations at COP29 and Beyond

Organiser: World Resources Institute (WRI)

Climate-vulnerable developing countries have long called for meaningful climate finance to allow them to carry out emissions reduction plans and build resilience against the accelerating impacts of climate change. Yet previous pledges of finance and support from developed nations have been largely insufficient, delayed or are yet to be delivered.

COP29 in Azerbaijan is an opportunity to change that by adopting a new global climate finance goal for the first time in 15 years. But there are politically contentious issues for negotiators to grapple with, from the size of the goal to the quality of the funding, and how to address the failure of developed countries to fully deliver on past commitments.

This high-level webinar hosted by the Allied for Climate Transformation by 2025 (ACT2025) consortium will feature a distinguished panel who will dive into these issues and offer solutions to reach an outcome in Baku that meets the needs of climate-vulnerable countries.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

23/05, 09.30 CET

Webinar - Building a sustainable future - The revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Organiser: Euractiv

Join this Euractiv Virtual Conference to discuss the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Some questions to be discussed include:

- Is the Directive sufficiently aligned with the EU's climate ambitions?
- Are the measures feasible for Member States to implement?
- What existing initiatives address energy efficiency and the renovation of buildings?
- Are measures needed to support the construction industry in fulfilling the Directive's objectives

You can find more information here and register via this link.

29/05, 11.00 CET

Webinar - EU’s climate action - What's the way forward?

Organiser: Euractiv

Join this Euractiv Hybrid Conference to discuss the way forward for a successful transition and the next steps to achieve the EU’s climate goals. Questions to be addressed include:

- What are the main challenges the EU faces in meeting its objectives, and how does it plan to address them?
- What will be the key priorities for the next European Commission to achieve the EU’s climate goals?
- What role does innovation play in achieving the EU's climate goals?
- What are the strategies to ensure a just transition for all communities and sectors affected by the shift towards a sustainable economy?

You can find more information here and register via this link.


Webinar - Experimentalist governance in energy: insights from the EU

Organiser: Florence School of Regulation (FSR)

Dr. Bernardo Rangoni will illustrate some of the results of his extensive research on the governance of various industries, which was recently published in a book by Oxford University Press (Experimentalist Governance: From Architectures to Outcomes). He will focus on two issues at the heart of both the electricity and gas industry – network access and tariffication – and also touch upon more recent ones, such as market manipulation and renewables. By comparing the developments within and across the two sectors, he will show what conditions can lead to the emergence and resilience of non-hierarchical governance in energy and beyond.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

05/06, 14.00 CET

Webinar - Hydrogen Sales & Purchase Agreement: Challenges Contract Standardization

Organiser: Florence School of Regulation (FSR)

Many projects of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen are currently in the design or pre-FEED stage. The issue of hydrogen offtaking (and offtakers) has proven to be a critical concern. Sale and purchase agreements for hydrogen and its derivatives have thus moved into the spotlight, and have become one of the key contracting instruments for the emerging hydrogen market. The AIEN, known for its track record in developing model agreements for the oil and gas sector, initiated a “Hydrogen Taskforce” in 2022 to explore contract standardization in the hydrogen field. This webinar will provide an overview of some of the task force’s efforts, forthcoming steps, and specific challenges that have been faced.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

12/06, 09.30 CET

Webinar - Developing a Health National Adaptation Plan - Overview

Organiser: World Health Organisation (WHO)

WHO is conducting a series of technical webinars on various climate change and health topics with the aim of building capacity for implementation at country level. These webinars will integrate training, experience sharing, interactive activities and group discussion.

You can find more information here and register via this link.

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