Clean Air Task Force Europe

Non-profit climate and energy advocacy group and think tank

CATF is a non-profit advocacy group and think tank on climate and energy, with a focus on technologies and policies it deems neccessary to get to net-zero-emissions. It originates in the U.S., but has recently launched its EU chapter. Its priorities in the EU are curbing methane emissions, encouraging the transition to zero-carbon fuels such as hydrogen, and promoting investment into CCS. In the U.S., advanced nuclear energy is also a focus.

CATF performs research and analysis as well as some field work, conducts campaigns, does policy advocacy, and has a legal team to provide advise to its initiatives. It is funded by multiple foundations, as well as through donation aggregators.

Acronym: CATF
Twitter: @cleanaircatf
Location: EU

Journalism for the energy transition

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