IZES - Institute for Future Energy Systems

Institut für Zukunfts Energie Systeme

The IZES gGmbH was founded in November 1999 as an initiative of the Federal State Saarland, several utilities, the University of Saarland and the University of Applied Sciences Saarbruecken. Since 2005 and after merging with the Energy Agency of the Saarland (later AZES GmbH), IZES operates as a non-profit organisation/limited.

The interdisciplinary team consists of professors and scientific employees with diverse educational backgrounds, including environmental, mechanical, civil and agricultural engineering, economics, environmental law and policy, forestry, energy technology, social science, chemistry and computer science.

The IZES gGmbH supports environmental and climate protection by carrying out applied research and development in the area of future technologies and future markets for energy and material flow systems.


Acronym: IZES
Website: www.izes.de
Email: izes@izes.de
Location: Germany

Journalism for the energy transition

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