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    Get in touch with a specialist: Use CLEW’s full list of experts or refine your search for research institutes, environmental groups, government, media and business representatives, or political parties.

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  • Factsheets

    CLEW Factsheets summarise key aspects of the Energiewende and provide an overview of current issues.

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  • Glossary

    Discussions about the shift to a new energy system are often full of jargon. In this glossary, we decode some of the key terms and concepts relevant to Germany’s energy transition.

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    CLEW's Reporter's Guide offers journalists an overview of key stories, experts and facts on Germany's energy transition.
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    CLEW's Easy Guide is a first, easy introduction into Germany's Energiewende, with definitions, explanations, facts and contacts.
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  • Libraries

    CLEW Libraries list key readings on some of the central themes of the Energiewende. Many of the resources listed are available online in English.

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    The Clean Energy Wire CLEW is an independent non-profit, non-partisan service for journalists and the interested public. We are committed to providing and supporting quality journalism about the energy transition in Germany. 

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  • Ask CLEW

    Our team in Berlin is available to support journalists in their work. CLEW assists with research, provides background and helps to find experts and politicians to speak with.

    Get in touch: info@cleanenergywire.org
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    Our calendar highlights upcoming reporting occasions for journalists covering the Energiewende in Germany and gives an overview of future events.

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