The CLEW Team

Sven Egenter heads the team as Editor in Chief and Executive Director. He covered the German, Swiss and British economies during his 12 years at Reuters, writing extensively about the financial crisis. He ran the team covering the British economy as Chief Economics Correspondent, UK in London and managed Reuters' editorial operation in Switzerland as Acting Bureau Chief in 2010. Before his career as a journalist, he worked for the EXPO2000 World Exhibition in Hannover. He taught journalism at Kingston University and holds a MS in Journalism from Boston University and a degree in economics from the University of Münster. 

Languages: German, English, Spanish
Twitter: @segenter
+49 30 700 1435-211

Kerstine Appunn is a staff Correspondent for Clean Energy Wire. She joined after working at the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag newspaper groups, where she covered general politics as well as energy and climate policy. She has an MSc in Global Environmental Change from King's College London and a law degree from the University of Kiel. She has also worked as a consultant for the International Institute for Environment and Development in London. 

Languages: German, English, Danish 
Twitter: @KeAppunn
+49 171 1197179

Sören Amelang is a staff Correspondent for Clean Energy Wire. During his 15 years at the news agency Reuters, he wrote about international business, economics and politics. He was lead writer for Reuters’ German coverage of the financial crisis and the ensuing debt crisis in Europe. He holds a BA in Development Studies from Liverpool University and an MA in International Relations from the University of Sussex.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
Twitter: @number_fortytwo
+49 30 700 1435-215

Julian Wettengel is a staff Correspondent for Clean Energy Wire. Before joining the team, he served as a parliamentary assistant to the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament. In this role, he was responsible for the preparation of speeches, articles and briefings for the chairman. Prior to his time in Brussels, he supported a professor at the George Washington University as a research assistant. Julian has also worked for a number of TV productions as camera assistant, sound operator and researcher. He holds a Master's degree in political science from the University of Kiel.

Languages: German, English, French
Twitter: @J_Wettengel
+49 30 700 1435-216

Benjamin Wehrmann is staff Correspondent for Clean Energy Wire. Prior to joining CLEW’s editorial staff, he worked for the AFP news agency in Berlin, Paris and Frankfurt, reporting mainly on domestic politics and economics. He also used to work for the n-tv news channel’s web presence as well as for dpa news agency in France. Benjamin holds a joint degree in European politics from University of Bath, Sciences Po Paris and FU Berlin and a degree in economics and social sciences from FU Bolzano. 

Languages: German, English, French, Italian
+49 30 700 1435-219

Carel Mohn develops the workshops as Director, Media Programmes for Clean Energy Wire. Previously, he worked as Communications Director, Germany at the European Climate Foundation. He was Head of Communications at the DIW economic think tank, spokesman for the consumer advocacy association vzbv and built up the first media team in the founding years of Transparency International. He holds a degree from the German School of Journalism in Munich and a degree in political science from the Free University of Berlin. 

Languages: German, English, French
+49 30 700 1435-213

Hedwig Gradmann supports the team as Assistant and is in charge of general enquiries and office management at Clean Energy Wire. Prior to joining the team, she worked the project “Stromspar-Check” supporting energy efficiency in poorer households, and the Renewable Energies Agency, where she helped launching the agency. She holds a MA in geography und political science of the University of Freiburg.

Languages: German, English
+49 30 700 1435-212

Eva Freundorfer is Programme Officer at Clean Energy Wire. She assists with the organisation of media programmes and other events. Previously, she worked on campaign communication and fundraising for Greenpeace in Switzerland and Germany, and before that as a staff member of both the Goethe Institut in Lomé, Togo and the non-profit arts organisation Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin. She holds a Master of Arts in History from the Humboldt University of Berlin. 

Languages: German, English, French
+49 30 700 1435-217

Martha Otwinowski is Journalism Network Manager at Clean Energy Wire. She develops network strategies for international climate and energy reporters. Prior to joining CLEW, she was Poland and Germany Correspondent for the freedom of expression organisation Index on Censorship. Previously, she lived in London and worked in research as well as project management across various sectors. She was also a Public Policy Analyst for an international start-up. Martha holds a dual Masters degree in International Politics with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe from University College London and the University of Helsinki.

Languages: English, German, Polish
+49 30 700 1435-221

Benjamin Kees is in charge of IT at Clean Energy Wire, and also supports Agora Energiewende. Previously, he worked for the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. He studied computer science and psychology at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the University of Havana, looking at human-computer interaction with a focus on the social impact of automated surveillance technology. He is an active member of the nonprofit association FIfF (computer scientists for peace and social responsibility). 

Languages: German, English, Spanish

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