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Experienced energy and climate journalists from across the globe as well as international professionals from the energy sector, analysts and NGOs rely on Clean Energy Wire CLEW.

Nearly 4,000 subscribers have signed up for a CLEW newsletter, some 1,900 of them get the daily briefing.

Our 2018 user survey showed that the journalists who use our website are experienced professionals from all types of media, mostly focusing on energy and climate topics.

Our other users work for a wide range of employers, from companies and business associations to NGOs and government agencies. Their main interests are energy, climate and sustainability topics.

Our website gets about 120,000 users a month (Q1/2021) from all over the world, with visitors from the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom accounting for the largest share.

Some 260 journalists have signed up to our growing CLEW Journalism Network, seeking opportunities to exchange ideas and information with colleagues or to team up for joint projects.

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