RESEARCH TOUR - How to shift the trillions: The role of finance on the road to climate neutrality

We are inviting: Journalists based in Europe
06 Sep - 08 Sep 2023
Frankfurt/Main, Germany
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APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED - Sustainable finance increasingly emerges as a key lever for managing the shift from a fossil fuel-driven economy towards one that aspires to become climate neutral based on renewable energy sources. Trillions of euros from institutional investors, banks and small savers alike will have to be redirected in the coming years to achieve international climate agreements. Investments in financial products labelled as sustainable are among the fastest-growing asset classes, while terms like ESG and Sustainable Finance Taxonomy have found their way out of a niche of finance and sustainability experts into day-to-day policy debates about climate action and environmental protection.

Journalists play a critical role in communicating this debate to the wider public. However, the intricate links between climate action and the financial sector remain hard to disentangle even for seasoned reporters. Clean Energy Wire therefore offers a chance to gain insights and background on this complex topic and invites journalists on a sustainable finance study tour to Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt am Main. Journalists who wish to deepen their knowledge about key aspects of sustainable finance and its impact on the real economy and emissions reduction efforts around the world can apply for joining the trip from 6 to 8 September 2023 and get first-hand insight from experts including the European Central Bank, Germany’s stock exchange operator Deutsche Börse, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and more.

Application deadline: 31 July 2023.

Getting to the bottom of a topic full of technical terms and concepts from the world of banking and asset management may prove tricky for journalists who are unfamiliar with the financial sector. Conversely, those who regularly report on financial markets sometimes may struggle to stay abreast of the rapid changes unfolding in climate policy and look beyond the quarterly profit and loss accounts that are the bread and butter business of finance journalism.

Clean Energy Wire’s sustainable finance research tour, organised in close cooperation with the German Sustainable Finance Research Platform (WPSF) and supported by the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany (GSFCG), combines their respective expertise to bring in a genuine journalistic perspective when meeting with key players during two days of on-the-ground research opportunities in one of Europe’s most important finance hubs.

Contents and objectives

The programme will first include time to familiarise all participants with key concepts, discourses, instruments and actors at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, one of five partner institutions of the Sustainable Finance Research Platform. After an introduction on the role of finance in the transformation of the economy, topics will include globalised climate damages or discuss how to empower emerging and developing countries to deal with losses and damages caused by climate change.

In the evening, Silke Stremlau, Chairperson of the Sustainable Finance Advisory of the of the German Federal Government, and Michael Schmidt, Co-head of the GSFCG will provide insights into the necessary changes on a political level. During the welcome diner, there will be opportunities to get together with some Frankfurt-based finance journalists working on the topic.

As the guardian of price stability in the Eurozone, the European Central Bank (ECB) has also begun focussing on climate change as a risk to economic and the financial stability – and to respond accordingly. Speakers from ECB’s "Climate Change Centre" will explain and discuss how the central bank aims to strike a balance between those targets, both in its daily as work as well as in its long-term macroeconomic perspectives. 

In the afternoon, various actors in financing a sustainable transformation will provide insights into the industry's activities. Representatives of different sectors will join for a roundtable at the Frankfurter Börse (German stock exchange). The panel will include participants from (among others) corporate, retail and public banking, asset management, and insurance, to discuss their roles, challenges and strategies in promoting a sustainable economy.

To end the second day, the participants will meet with representatives of the European Investment Bank (EIB). The Luxembourg-based EU institution calls itself “Europe’s climate bank” and will explain the details and thinking behind this claim.

On the third day, the tour will take participants to visit a leading research and production site of Clariant, a Swiss multinational specialty chemicals company, to get some insights about the financial challenges and opportunities when it comes to funding its transformation towards a climate friendly business model.

You can apply via our online form till Monday, 31 July. This programme is yet open to changes. Names and positions of speakers (and probably additional events or speakers) will be added within the next weeks.


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