14 Mar 2019, 15:00
  • Martha
    Martha managed the CLEW Journalism Network until February 2020. She developed network strategies and activities for energy reporters across the globe and helped launch the network platform in 2018. Prior to that, she was a correspondent at Index on Censorship, and also worked as policy researcher at a non-profit start-up.

Global Energy Transition Journalism conference #GETJO19 - check here for newest speaker and programme updates

With only a few weeks to go before CLEW's second Global Energy Transition Journalism conference (07-08 April), the programme is filling up fast, with new speakers confirmed each week - check out the latest version of the programme and the speaker overview for details.

This time round, the conference will focus on building links and collaboration between business and climate reporting. Two CLEW Journalism Network ambassadors shared their thoughts on why this matters:

Angelina Davydova, ambassador for Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe:

“It is highly important to bring climate and business reporting closer together. In many media outlets across the world, articles about climate change are still seen more as scientific or disaster stories, rather than economic ones, while at the same time global decarbonisation efforts are highly dependent on companies’ strategies and actions in the area of bringing emissions down. So demonstrating what businesses could and should do in fighting the climate crisis, including calling for more transparency and ambitious action -- while also telling stories about what companies are already doing and what kind of solutions they are bringing -- is crucial for further economic and political transformation towards sustainability and low-carbon development to take place globally at a faster pace. And this is where stories combining both climate/environmental and economic/business angle could be particularly important.”


Justin Gerdes, ambassador for the United States:

“A swift transition to clean energy is essential to prevent runaway climate change. Globe-spanning companies can and must be part of the solution. Forward-thinking businesses have stepped up to meet the challenge of the climate crisis by moving to 100 percent renewable energy and reducing emissions in their supply chains. But more companies, everywhere, need to do more.

It's a complex, all-encompassing story - energy is embedded in every facet of our lives. Journalists have a vital role to play in helping readers understand the global energy transition. What promising startups will survive, and why? Which laboratory concepts will become commercial solutions? And which threatened incumbents are holding up climate action?

Now more than ever, it's important for journalists from all countries and backgrounds to come together, share perspectives and experiences, and learn from one another how to advance reporting on the most important story of our time.”


Sign up via the web form here now to secure your spot at the free-to-attend conference on 7-8 April 2019 in Berlin. Places will be granted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We hope to see many of you there!

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