CLEW Primer for international Journalists: Climate & Energy in Germany's election year

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3 March 2021 at 16 - 17.30 CET
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Clean Energy Wire would like to invite international journalists to a web meeting to kick off Germany's "super election year" 2021, in which six state elections and the federal election in September will set the course for the country's energy and climate policy for the coming years. Join our debate at 4pm (CET) on 3 March with three seasoned analysts and observers of German politics and discuss what Angela Merkel's departure, the rise of the Green Party, the goal of 2050 greenhouse gas neutrality and many other topics mean for German, European and international energy transition and climate action efforts.

As Germans are heading to the ballot boxes in September, almost all parties are showcasing their energy transition and climate credentials. Cartoon by Mwelwa Musonko, 2021.

Germany is in the midst of a "super election year" 2021 that could profoundly reshape the country's political landscape. A string of regional votes in six Länder and the federal election in September will stir up party politics at a time when climate action and environmental protection figure more prominently than ever in party campaigns – and this despite the COVID-19 pandemic still dominating most people's everyday life in the country and the world. The packed election year will not only bring a (planned) end to Angela Merkel's 16-year reign as German chancellor, but will likely also see a Green Party appeal to more voters than ever before and become almost indispensable for any attempt at forming a new government.

Clean Energy Wire would like to invite international journalists to a web meeting to kick off the busy months ahead where they would join three seasoned analysts and observers of German politics and the country's climate and energy debate. We will look at what could decide the elections in states ranging from affluent Baden-Wurttemberg to 'poor but sexy' Berlin as well as the handover of power in the Chancellery and what the vote might bring - both for Europe's biggest economy and greenhouse gas emitter itself and for the broader efforts in the EU and worldwide to achieve carbon neutrality.

In an exclusive meeting for journalists, we want to assist you in getting ready for reporting on the national Bundestagswahl and the regional elections, which commence with two state votes on 14 March. In an open debate, we would also like to hear from you what your own readers would be interested in hearing about Germany and how CLEW could tailor its reporting on the climate and energy aspects of one of the biggest events in international politics in 2021.

Listen to three short introductions by:

  • Melissa Eddy (Correspondent, New York Times)
  • Jakob Schlandt (editor-in-chief of energy policy newsletter Tagesspiegel Background)
  • Arne Jungjohann (independent political analyst)

….and prepare to bring a few questions or ideas yourself on what could help you and your audience better understand how Germany is faring regarding its troubled car sector, renewable power expansion, the coal and nuclear phase-out and many other topics that shape its clean energy ambitions.

Find more information on climate and energy in the election year in our dossier.


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