"The energy transition in Germany explained"

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Workshop series: September-December 2016
Berlin, Brandenburg
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A series of five media study tours for international media in cooperation with the International Journalists' Programmes and think tank ecologic

The Energiewende (“energy transition”) is reshaping one of the world’s largest economies – in 2015, renewables made up a third of the power consumed in the country.

There are many puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome in the process, including changes to the grid infrastructure and management, new business models for power producers and economic transition strategies for sectors and regions. With no predefined master plan for guidance, answers to these challenges are subject to lively political debates.

With concerns over climate change and health impacts of air pollution growing and due to cost reductions in renewable technology, similar developments are taking place in many parts of the world, making the German experience an interesting case study for energy policy in other countries.

THE PROGRAMME: Each one of the five four-day study trips to Berlin and neighbouring Brandenburg will enable participants to get up to speed on the most relevant topics in energy policy, not just in Germany.

  • The study tours - organised jointly with the IJP and with support from think tank ecologic - will present a broad range of perspectives on the challenges of transforming conventional energy systems, allowing participants a deep dive into the policy debate.
  • This  will prepare participants for discussions with representatives from government institutions, think tanks, NGOs and companies over the course of the stay in Germany. At least one day will be set aside for a field trip to different real world sites of the energy transition.
  • The tours will also include opportunities to meet and discuss with fellow IJP alumni from Germany.
  • In addition, the tours represents an opportunity for networking and debate with fellow journalists from your region participating in the programme.

This programme is organised on an invitation-only basis. For further information or if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Journalism for the energy transition

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