Hydrogen – Magic bullet or fig leaf for the energy transition?

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September 14th at 11:00 CEST
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Hydrogen has become a big energy-policy talking point in a growing number of countries. What is all this hype about, and is it justified?

In a web event for journalists on 14 September from 11.00 to 12.30 CEST, jointly organised by Clean Energy Wire (CLEW) and clean energy consultancy DWR eco, experts will offer their view on the status quo and outlook for hydrogen in the fight against climate change.

In the fight against climate change, hydrogen made with renewable electricity is increasingly seen as a silver bullet for sectors with particularly stubborn emissions, such as heavy industry and aviation. As one of the key drivers behind a pan-European effort, Germany has set out to become a global leader in "tomorrow's oil". The country has fleshed out this ambition in a national hydrogen strategy, which is widely considered a new chapter in its landmark energy transition. The EU has also presented an ambitious strategy.

But many key questions remain unanswered:

- Will clean hydrogen become available in sufficient amounts to have a real impact?

- Should it also be used in cars and for heating?

- To what extent should hydrogen made with controversial carbon capture and storage (CCS) be used to begin with?

- What are the economic risks and opportunities of this shift towards a hydrogen economy?

We will address these issues and many others during the web event, which is for journalists only.



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10.45 am: Check-in participants and speakers

11.00 am: Introduction & keynotes

11.45 am: Q&A

12.30 am: End of web event


Veronika Grimm is a member of Germany's council of economic experts, one of the country's most important advisory committees. She has done extensive research on the economic implications of hydrogen and is a member of Germany's freshly launched hydrogen council dedicated to supervising the implementation of the country's recent hydrogen strategy. [You can read in interview with Grimm here.]

Matthias Deutsch is a senior associate at energy transition think tank Agora Energiewende*, where he concentrates on the power sector, energy storage, and the energy transition in heating. The future role of hydrogen is a key topic in his research.

Nils Aldag is co-founder and chief commercial officer (CCO) of Sunfire, one of Germany's leading green hydrogen start-ups, where he is also in charge of electrolyser product management. Sunfire's products are made using renewable electricity and can substitute mineral oil and natural gas. [You can read a portrait of Sunfire here.]

Frequently asked questions

How can I register?
Will the web-event be recorded?

No, we will not record the web-event.

Which language will be spoken?

The web-event language is English.

How can I improve the sound quality?

Sound quality is greatly improved by using headsets with
microphone. It is recommended that all active participants equip
themselves accordingly (smartphone headsets are sufficient).

Will the event be on the record?

No, the web event will be off the record to enable an open discussion. If you want to use any quotes, please contact the speakers directly.


The web event will be hosted by Clean Energy Wire correspondent Sören Amelang and DWR eco* founder Doreen Rietentiet.

*Like the Clean Energy Wire, Agora Energiewende is a project funded by Stiftung Mercator and the European Climate Foundation. DWR eco also does PR work for Sunfire.

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